What we stand on

Academy Philosophy

Our mission is to spread awareness and knowledge of Padel as sport in Europe.

The way we are enforcing our mission is developing and rolling out training courses, clinics, game exhibitions, tournaments, conferences and other educational events where Padel is the main focus of attention.

Foundation of our philosophy

Our Four Core Values

People First

Our Academy is driven by educational goals and never commercial ones.

People are first. We adapt our educational content to individual needs, based on personal objectives.


All our activities are meant to be constructive and enjoyable, disregard of any target level (beginner, intermediate, professional).

As the famous sentence says: "In Padel you always win, only when you don't enjoy, it's when you lose"



We believe that being transparent is the way to behave at all levels: internally and externally, with clear and direct communication.

To our mind transparency it is impossible without honesty and trust.




Being creative and open-minded helps us to solve challenges quicker and helps to embrace progress positively in any of its forms: new technology, new methodologies, etc.




Transmitting additional values to our members

Additional values

Positive Mentality

We focus on positive side and work hard to constantly improve.

We strongly believe that nothing is impossible and positive change is the result of will and training.

Every new challenge is welcome with a positive attitude. We love challenges.


To fully enjoy this sport player should be a good team-mate, Padel is always played with a partner.

A player should be adaptive to different partners and styles, as partners often changes.

Helping each other to improve will lead to a better team outcome.


Be ready to dedicate sufficient time and be committed and focused if you want to achieve the desired goal.

Being constant, persistent and focused until it's done.

Don't give up until the goal is achieved. Hard and consistent training will be awarded with better results.

Healthy Habits

Practicing sports on a regular basis improves mental and physical abilities.

Raise awareness about healthy eating and good sleeping habits and show how important is to keep it on a daily basis.


Accepting rules of fair play.

Treating equally every individual disregard of their role.


Sharing success and responsibilities as a team-mate.

Being aware of self-limitations and weaknesses.

We have the right environment for you and your family to experience Padel

Be part of this sport and join us!

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